What is iTEMA?

iTEMA is an emerging national Tribal association created for Indian Country, by Indian Country. The mission of iTEMA is to promote a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against all hazards that impact our Tribal communities. iTEMA supports education, training and preparedness activities in a manner that promotes cooperation and equality for the whole community and works to develop partnerships with Tribal, Federal, state, and local agencies and organizations for the advancement of emergency management and services. To this end, we continue to formalize our organizational capacity and structure by and developing business and strategic planning structures to launch the organization.


Why the “i”?

The “i” is ambiguous in that it has multiple meanings and makes us unique from any other tribal organization. The lowercase “i” versus the uppercase letter was added to show humility. It gives individual ownership in our association, “i” becomes one within the context of our Team or TEMA. It stands for: Indian, indigenous, inter-Tribal; “i” is a source for information both from the internet and in-person, iTEMA will provide support for incident response, and provide immediate assistance. iTEMA is innovative, inclusive and lastly the “i” (eye) provides vision and looks to the future. Leaving the “i” open to individual interpretation maintains the fundamental intention of the association: to collectively create, sustain, and support a national association for Indian Country, by Indian Country.


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View the 2014 iTEMA Bylaws