FEMA’s request for review and feedback of NIMS-related definitions and qualifications.

15-Day Engagement Period for Review and Feedback: Resource Typing Definition and Job Title and Position Qualifications for Incident Management, Search and Rescue and Mass Care

Today, FEMA releases fifteen resource typing definitions for Incident Management, Search and Rescue and for Mass Care for a 15-day national engagement period to gather feedback. This guidance provides a standardized set of criteria for use by the whole community when inventorying resources and sustaining or building resources needed to deliver associated core capabilities. The resource typing definitions and/or job title and position qualifications are:

Incident Management

  • Liaison Officer
  • Safety Officer

Search and Rescue

  • Technical Squad Officer
  • Technical Rescue Technician
  • Search and Rescue Branch Director
  • Helicopter Search and Rescue Crew Chief
  • Helicopter Search and Rescue Pilot
  • Helicopter Search and Rescue Technician
  • Structural Collapse Search Technician
  • Structural Collapse Rescue Squad Officer
  • Structural Collapse Search Squad Officer

Mass Care

  • Shower Unit
  • Laundry Unit
  • Temporary Child Care Support Service Team
  • Temporary Child Care Support Service Team Leader

FEMA developed these resource typing and position qualifications definitions in collaboration with emergency management and public safety professionals and subject matter experts. These stakeholders suggested guidance for specific overall functions, components, capabilities, and order specifications for this resource.

This guidance addresses requests that are made under a variety of mutual aid scenarios from automatic aid to that implemented in declared disasters through Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

This guidance uses the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to provide a common and standard understanding about the tools and resources needed to sustain, build and deliver the core capabilities necessary to achieve a secure and resilient nation. For more information on NIMS and its implementation, visit FEMA’s website:

To review and offer your comments, download the documents.

Comments must be received by March 15, 2013

Questions can be submitted via e-mail at: or telephone: (202) 646-3850.

This effort is part of the National Preparedness System, a process that organizes the tools and resources needed to move toward achieving the National Preparedness Goal. For more information on national preparedness efforts, visit FEMA webpage.

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