iTEMA Establishes Healthcare Preparedness and Response Division

From: Leslie Taylor, iTEMA, Chief Health Officer of Preparedness and Response/Senior Liaison to American Red Cross

(i)Tribal Emergency Management Association is pleased to announce the formation of the Healthcare Preparedness and Response Division. Expanding the organizational structure will further enhance iTEMA’s ability to serve its members needs and promote a national focus to improve patient outcomes during emergencies and disasters. iTEMA remains devoted to improving tribal readiness and protecting native culture through the advancement of Tribal Sovereignty.

Division Objective:

iTEMA’s Healthcare Preparedness and Response Division is dedicated to creating and promoting a state of readiness and prompt response to protect the health of tribal members across the country during catastrophic events, large-scale disasters, and emergencies. Our mission is to create a system that rapidly responds to tribal health emergencies by assessing and reducing health threats through effective partnerships with local and federal governments, emergency services, the private sector, and volunteer agencies. Our goal is to save lives and reduce the effects of disasters through preparedness, prevention, planning, and response.

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