Study on Flood Insurance – Participation of Indian Tribes in Federal and Private Programs

Why GAO Did This Study ?

Indian tribes’ participation in NFIP is extremely low, even though some Indian lands are at high risk of flooding.
In response to a Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act mandate, GAO examined (1) factors affecting Indian tribes’ participation in
NFIP, (2) FEMA’s efforts to increase tribes’ participation in NFIP, and (3) administrative and legislative actions that could increase tribes’ participation.

GAO reviewed FEMA data on community participation in NFIP and prior GAO reports on flood insurance and Indian tribes, interviewed officials
from selected Indian tribes and insurance companies, and collected information from relevant agencies and industry officials.

What GAO Recommends ?

GAO recommends that the FEMA Administrator examine ways to make mapping of tribal lands in flood-prone areas a higher priority. FEMA agreed with our recommendation.

Full Study

The entire study can be accessed here

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